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Candidate Lab is a Boutique IT Recruitment Consultancy where the focus is on finding the right candidate for the right role. Our thorough search and selection process means our clients will never be presented with Candidates who do not meet the criteria for the role, and Candidates can be sure they are interviewing for relevant positions in the right environment.

We know only too well the time, effort and resources that companies invest in the recruitment process, so we pride ourselves on the pillars of trust, communication and delivery to minimise the disruption to our clients day to day operations.


Our ability to deliver the best candidates is a direct reflection of how well we understand your business and your goals. We go the extra mile to get under the skin of your business to truly appreciate what you require in a candidate. The IT industry moves fast and so do we. Good candidates are in high demand so losing them to counter offers is always a possibility. However, the way we work minimises this risk and helps to ensure you get the right candidate fast.


If you’re going to spend 7+ hours a day at your job, you better make sure you’re in the right place! We acknowledge that candidates are the lifeblood of the recruitment industry so we are committed to building lasting relationships with candidates that choose to be represented by us. Candidates are special and so is representation from the Candidate Lab. Finding a new job is an exciting time but there is a lot to consider and it is different for everyone. We do our utmost to factor in all of the considerations to focus on really what matters to you.


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Birmingham, UK


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